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Scoot over to Potrero Hill this weekend for cocktails and sales at not one but two (!) fabulous home decor spots. Saturday it’s all about Bimma Loft, where you can check out those space-agey EcoSmart Fireplaces that run on denatured Ethanol and require no flue or installation – so cool. Then Sunday the event moves to I.D. Home’s modern and inviting showroom.

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Bimma Loft is a Modern, Urban Eclectic Showroom and Gallery. Bimma Loft design group displays many of their in-house designs on the showroom floor and will soon appear on a brand new WebStore this fall. Also offering custom furnishings, interior design, floor plans, space and storage solutions. Please feel free to call or email about any items…

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Explore Alison Sectional, Sectional Quick and more… at Bimma Loft in San Francisco and at their online store.
City Sofa -Fancy box wrap (another grey sofa that I want) I will find one that is perfect eventually) Quick ship c01306-09 or 10. OR 301607 chaise, also ottomon c01606, c013601, $2,700 couch & $2,100 chaise.

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The environmentally friendly open fireplace!
Our friends over at Bimma Loft are bringing us a new way to heat ourselves up for the winter with the launch of EcoSmart. Leading Interior Designer, Gabriel Guzman, clues us in on the bene’s of heated innovation. The Eco-Smart Fire is an Australian innovation…

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World traveler and fashion advocate showcases furniture and items she found from around the world. One particular eco-friendly item sold at Bimma Loft in San Francisco, has a very unusual glass top wood-based table, made from fallen trees and some of the most unique and rare wood available. Follow Lyss C Global to discover other hidden treasures.

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ID HOME is hosting a reception at 1125 Mariposa Street in Potrero Hill, for the launch of their new initiative “THE ART OF LIVING”, a collaboration that features the works of the Bay Areas’ best artists, designers and artisans. “We are now the source for high-profile architects and designers” says Pierre Leduc, owner of Bimma Loft.

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Modern Furniture Store
Gay Cities features travel and fashion tips and insights into places to go and see. Bimma Loft is known for clean lines and innovation that make their modern furniture designs stand apart. They have launched a million imitations, truly the surest form of flattery, and are based in San Francisco.

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